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From the first engagement with the blank canvas to completion


Steps 1, 2 and 3 happen quickly and spontaneously. Steps 4 and 5 involve editing and consideration. Step 6 can take a couple of weeks of looking and considering. To quote a friend of mine, I know it’s done when it sings.


Step 1:

Using a credit card, I dove in with a couple of strokes. 


Step 2:

Still working in the moment. Responding to the original marks I made in Step 1


Step 3:

Still working intuitively , adding more content


Step 4:

Now the refining process begins, asking the question, “where am I going with this?”


Step 5:

Adding another element to give depth to the image

Step 6:

The Finale where I am working on the value structure (adding the dark blue, more marks and red drips)

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